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Robert Kurzban is a published author and freelance writer who fuses social science concepts into his work. 

Acclaimed for his ability to adapt Darwinian ideas for the modern era, Kurzban is known for delving into theories behind morality, personal belief systems and even politics. His work, which includes everything from journal contributions and articles to full-length texts, has earned Kurzban over 14,000 citations in Google Scholar.  In recent years, the eloquent social scientist has used his talent for the benefit of the non-profit sector as a grant writer.  

Robert Kurzban uses Darwinian ideas to investigate social life. More specifically, he looks at the strategic function of morality—why people are moral or virtuous, and the reasons we judge the acts of others as right or wrong. He also studies why we want to punish those who commit wrongful acts. (Note: Robert has recently started a freelance writing business. You can now learn more about it at the new website for RE Writers.)

RE: Writers -- A Freelance Writing Team with a Focus

Joined by communications professional, Elena Svitavsky, Robert Kurzban assembled a team of elite wordsmiths to create RE: Writers in 2019.  Strengthened by the slogan ‘because words matter,’ RE: Writers is a freelance writing network that connects companies and organizations with experienced copywriters.  Currently, the outfit is comprised of experts in generating copy for financial services, academics and non-profits.

Both Svitavsky and Kurzban are backed by expert level command as writers.  From idea development to formatting worthy of publication, the RE: Writers founders are polished in their own rights.  Along with their team of capable copywriters, the founders hope to facilitate proactive writer-organization partnerships with initiatives in a variety of industries. 

RE: Writers are well versed in all aspects of copywriting and copyediting. The freelance writing network can deliver everything from blog posts and formatting services to developing grant proposals and more.  Although the team currently generates and edits copy for non-profits, academics and financial services, RE: Writers is looking to expand into other avenues.

To learn more about the services currently offered by RE: Writers, visit the official website for more information.

Learn more about his book, The Hidden Agenda of Our Minds, Modularity, and Politics in this latest video with “The Dissenter”!

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You can also find Robert Kurzban offering up specialized services in publishing, editing, and writing on the Bartering Exchange Network: http://barteringexchangenetwork.com/robert-kurzban/

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