Robert Kurzban is a freelance writer with thousands of published works in his portfolio. His freelance writing business, RE Writers is currently in the works.

Published Author

Robert Kurzban is a writer with a diverse portfolio.  In his first book, Why Everyone (Else) Is a Hypocrite, he tackles the ‘why’ behind an individual’s behavioral inconsistencies.  Published in 2010, his discussions dive deep into the inner workings of the mind.  Revered for his work as a social scientist, Robert Kurzban utilizes a modern Darwinian lens in Hypocrite.  Readers enjoy his seamless exploration of society’s contradictory approach toward beliefs and principles.  The book has been praised by the likes of Publishers Weekly and Scientific American Mind.

In The Hidden Agenda of the Political Mind: How Self-Interest Shapes Our Opinions and Why We Won’t Admit It, Robert Kurzban discusses the fuel that sets our political motivations ablaze.  Co-authored with colleague, Jason Weeden, this fiercely unabashed text explains what’s really going on when we visit the polls.

Robert Kurzban’s portfolio is also polished by 10,000+ citations in Google Scholar.  He has contributed to respected journals and major publications, the likes of The New York Times and The Washington Post.

Grant Writing for Non-Profits

In addition to his other freelance writing pursuits, Robert Kurzban develops grant proposals for a number of charities and non-profit organizations.  Specifically, he has worked with:

  • The Graces Foundation

  • Art Sphere

  • Inspire Philadelphia

  • Project S.A.V.E.

  • PhilaSoup

Revered for his work as a researcher, this role suits his style perfectly.  Well-versed in all aspects of grant creation, he takes a very hands on approach in these projects.  Working directly with Executive Directors and other members of staff, he hones his understanding on each non-profit from the inside out.  More than just your average grant writer, Robert Kurzban goes beyond developing proposals. He also measures the performance of each organization by implementing analytical techniques.  This helps to establish a working purpose that benefits each non-profit for the long haul.

On the Horizon:  PLEEPS and RE Writers

In partnership with colleague Jason Weeden, Robert Kurzban contributes to PLEEPS.  A project discussing social science concepts as pertaining to the modern day, PLEEPS is a blog with an anecdotal fashion.  Readers of The Hidden Agenda will enjoy blog posts centered around unique perspectives on morality, society and more.

Robert Kurzban’s freelance writing business, RE Writers is set to launch in the near future.  The project with facilitate partnerships between talented writers and clients in need of copy. Check out the website here:

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